According to the motto “Researching, Building, Flying”, AkaFlieg members have been developing innovative gliders since 1920. AkaFlieg is one of TU Darmstadt’s university groups and is made up of students that share a common passion: Aviation.

One of our current projects is nearing completion: The twin-seater “D-43”. The glider completed its maiden flight in October of 2014 and is currently undergoing flight testing.


Our latest prototype, called D-45, is already being developed. As a part of the engineering process, AkaFlieg members regularly complete bachelor and master theses that center around current prototype developments and thus add another level of theoretical insights.

Once a prototype has been developed and built, flight testing and regular flight are the logical next steps. In order to be able to fly our airplanes, AkaFlieg provides the means for which its members may obtain a glider pilot’s license.

Design A. Lippisch, W. Heinemann
Year of construction 1945
Materials Wood, plywood
Wingspan 6m
Wing area 19,9m²
Basic empty weight 375kg
Seats 1
Notable Experimental aircraft designed to research the flight characteristics of delta wing aircraft. Construction was completed after the war, now on behalf of the United States, where wind tunnel tests were later conducted.