If weather allows our members are able to fly AkaFlieg airplanes as well as prototypes. Our airfield of choice is located in Heppenheim and features two 1000 metre (~3300ft) grass runways as well as our electric launch winch.

AkaFlieg provides the means by which its members may obtain a glider pilot’s license. The flight training itself will – depending on the student’s commitment – take about two years. Once proud owner of a flying permit, members may use one of AkaFlieg’s gliders for cross-country flying.

Since AkaFlieg Darmstadt is a part of IdaFlieg (Association of German AkaFliegs), members are also able to participate in one of IdaFlieg’s many events like the summer camp or the aerobatics training course. These events usually include opportunities to operate aircraft owned by other AkaFliegs.

Our Fleet Park

ASK 21


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